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Issue: June Newsletter
Fund-raising for the Summer Long Dance

By The Community
In this article you find a couple of fund-raising events for the Summer Long Dance, as invitation to participate and make your own personal offering to our brave dancers, to our Earth and people, and to the spirit and intention of this ceremony.

For the readers who don't know: to participate in the Summer Long Dance, the dancer is asked to set up or organize a fund-raising event. The collection goes towards either the Pachamama Alliance or to an aid organisation of their (dancers) choice.

I am well aware that there are many more fund-raising projects going on than have been sent to me (possibly not all of them suitable for a newsletter, or may have passed already – yes, I was late with my idea. Plus, I am not quite sure what I would have done with 100 or more emails about this found-raising ;-).
So, may the following invitations stand for all the dancers intent in their preparation for the Long Dance.
Shall this article stand to include, honour, support and encourage our courageous dancers of the Summer Long Dance, and their offerings for their and for our prayers, dance, connection and healing.

Have a browse, be inspired and just let your heart speak.



Artists for Nepal
We have formed a group of artists in our area in the Netherlands that create artwork and sell it to help rebuild the orphanage of Children of the Universe. Also there is a beautiful book for sale about the Children, and lastly you can donate through:

All contributions go 100% to the project, to help the children and their caretakers to have a roof over their heads again. If you would like to purchase the book, use this link:

With lots of love,

Kristin Glenewinkel
It is this time of the year again: I am in preparation for the Summer Long Dance in Somerset, England. This is a 72-hours-Ceremony of dancing all our prayers, all our relations, and life here on earth. Here is my invitation to you, to participate in your own way.
It is the personal wishes we bring to this ceremony, alongside the important part of commitment to and collection for the Achuar and Sapara people in the Amazon, Ecuador.

There are various ways to support me in my dance, if you chose so:

  • Offer your donation, which I forward to the Pachamama Aliance
    Bank Details: 30-438674-8/ IBAN CH42 0900 0000 3043 8674 8

  • Participate in a Movement Medicine summer solstice ceremony in Basel with myself and Kat on 21 June 2105.
    Your donation for the ceremony will also go to the Pachamama Aliance.

  • Send your prayers and thoughts during the Summer Long Dance (3 to 9 July), as 100 or more people from various countries find together in ceremony and dance to celebrate and give thanks to life.

Thank you for reading this. I honour any possible way to be in connection and to support each other – visible or invisible, knowing that each action we take and each thought we cultivate holds potency and has an effect.

With affectionate regards,


Sylvia Habermayr
My fund-raising event is a talk about my experiences in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and the political situation of the forest and it's people, accompanied with some photos I like to share.

Here are the dates (two previous talks already happened):
12 June at 7.30 pm in Reinach, AG, Switzerland.

21 June at 1.15 pm in Basel, Switzerland, following fund-raising Movement Medicine dance event from 10am-1pm with Kat Forrester and Kristin Glenewinkel.
For details contact Sylvia:

Sylvia Habermayr

The outward journey
No inward journey is complete without its twin outward journey. This is why I am raising money for Kaule e.V. and the Pachamama Alliance.
The question I am bringing to the dance is: How can I serve?

Kaule e.V. is an organisation supporting sustainable agricultural projects in a small Nepalese village. Kaule too has been hit hard by the earthquake, but unlike other places it has received no aid from the usual big players. So Kaule e.V. has jumped in and is providing what relief it can. I've known Kaule e.V. through an acquaintance for many years: they do their work with integrity and transparency. You can read more about the current status on their facebook page.

The Pachamama Alliance has been a partner of the Long Dance for a few years. It is a global community offering people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all. It does so primarily by supporting indigenous cultures and livelihoods in the Amazon rain forest.

I want to support both organisations by raising donations and awareness. In total I want to raise a minimum of 450€.

This is the link:

Paula Schramm
0049 176 22 88 7654


Vincenzo Riccobene
I am still raising money for the Long Dance through selling my art-craft. At this point, I raised almost 500 Euro. I want to donate 150 Euro to Save the Children and the rest of money to the Pachamama Alliance.

Best regards


Patricia Mihalyi
For my Long Dance found-raise, please, find below my indiegogo page link:

The tricky thing is to run the fund-raising in Hungarian and English. Anyway, I created the page, I will share the info and refresh the page every 2-3 days.
Thank you,


Thomas Groß
I've hosted a Five Rhythms Wave for Charity in Newcastle upon Tyne, on Wednesday 3rd of June, on the theme 'The Art of Letting Go'.

My fund-raising supports earthquake victims in Nepal and the Pachamama Alliance supporting the people from the Amazon, donations shared evenly between both charitable purposes.

Help People in Nepal and the Amazon - Worlds Apart, United in one Spirit.

Help indigenous people, protecting their lands & way of life, with immediate aid for earthquake victims in Nepal (Red Cross) and engagement for a sustainable future in the Amazon (Pachamama Alliance).

Short URL:

Long URL:


Samar Qudha
As a Palestinian woman, human rights lawyer living and working in Israel, in times where being allowed the air that we breathe feels like a daily struggle, deciding which organization to raise money for was not an easy task. So many are offering so much and yet so much is needed to achieve equality justice freedom and peace in this aching land. Out of many I am offering my dance to mothers fathers sons daughters sisters brothers husbands and wives who have lost the precious lives of their loved ones to the conflict and yet believe that ending the viscous cycle of violence, ending deprivation, ending inhumane conducts and ending the occupation is the only way.

The Parents Circle - Bereaved Families Forum (PCFF) is a joint Palestinian Israeli organization of over 600 families, all of whom have lost a close family member as a result of the prolonged conflict. Out of their deepest grief they have chosen a joint path towards change. They are a source of inspiration to many who just when they are about to lose all hope, witness how with great pain comes great change and transformation.

Here is the link to my fund-raising site:



Thank you for reading!

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