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Issue: July Newsletter
Launching our new rolling Apprenticeship Programme

By Susannah and Ya'Acov
Dear Dancing Community

As we prepare for our summer break and a few weeks offline, taking a deep in-breath before we begin our 29th year of teaching, we are delighted and excited to present to you our new rolling Apprenticeship Programme, starting in September 2016. Drum roll please...!

This will be our fourth round of apprenticeship and we have decided to make some radical changes. We are acutely aware of the challenges we are all facing as the old structures that we call reality creak and shuffle along towards who knows what outcome. As a consequence, we feel the importance of finding ways of offering the Apprenticeship – the deepest level of our work – in a way that acknowledges these changes and the need for more flexibility. Consequently, the new programme is more flexible, includes a variety of ‘electives’ from which participants can choose, and gives participants more control over the timing and to some degree the content of their apprenticeship.

The new Apprenticeship Programme will consist of three core modules with both of us, plus two five-day electives with one of us or our Faculty. The electives will cover a variety of specialties such as voice work and video feedback (Susannah), vision quest and burial ceremonies (Ya’Acov), ritual theatre (David Rose), and mandorla work (Caroline Carey). Nine mentoring sessions are also included in the programme. The three core modules with us will be offered each year so that you can spread the time of your apprenticeship over a longer period and also choose to take any of the modules again as part of a deep-diving community of Apprentices. After your initial programme, the cost of your tuition fees in any further modules will be reduced by 50% and these modules will also be open to any Apprentices from the first three programmes who wish to resource themselves in this way.

In the 2016/17 programme, the core modules will be as follows:

  • Module 1: Intention – Dreaming into action, 23 September – 2 October 2016
    This module will focus on the year ahead. It will give you time to focus on where you are, review your basic intentions and set your course for the year ahead. (Apprentices enrolled on the 2016/17 programme must attend this module before modules 2 and 3.)

  • Module 2: Immersion – Deepening your practice, 20–29 January 2017
    This module will provide an intensive space for us all to deepen our practice and will include periods of silence.

  • Module 3: Expansion – Community Gathering and Summer Long Dance, 26 June – 6 July 2017
    The theme of this module is breathe–expand–include and will prepare us for the Movement Medicine Long Dance which will resume in 2017 following a year off in 2016.

The first elective planned for the 2016/17 programme is a new Movement Medicine vision quest with Ya’Acov called In the Mirror of Thee, taking place 2025 June 2016. This is for Apprentices only, including those accepted onto the 2016/17 Apprenticeship Programme, and offers an opportunity to spend time with the greatest mirror of all – nature. Details of further electives will follow shortly.

We have given a lot of thought to this structure and we hope that you will be as pleased as we are about the outcome.

Apprenticeship is a major commitment from you to your study and application of Movement Medicine. Equally, it is a major commitment from us and our Staff and Faculty to accompany you on your journey. Apprenticing signifies a deep intention to bring what you learn in the dance into your day-to-day life. It also invites you to engage with finding ways to deepen your offering in the world. After completing the Apprenticeship, you are free to continue on to the two-module Professional Training (next one beginning in 2018) or to continue as a practitioner within the apprenticeship community by repeating any core module or attending any further electives (with a 50 per cent reduction in tuition) whenever you wish to, as well as attending the annual Winter Dream Dance gathering.

If the prospect of apprenticing to Movement Medicine is singing to you, we want you to know that this programme is open to you. We have changed the prerequisites in order to honour the work you may be doing with other Movement Medicine teachers or teachers within other conscious movement practices. If you feel a calling to apprenticeship in your heart, we warmly invite you to take the leap and apply for the next Apprenticeship Programme that begins in autumn 2016. You can find out more information about the content, structure and practical details of the programme by clicking here.

To prepare yourself for the Apprenticeship, you could begin with Initiation (4–13 September 2015) and then continue with Caroline Carey’s first Journey of Empowerment (Module 1: 8–13 March; Module 2: 28 June – 3 July 2016) – the most direct way to complete your basic prerequisites. The Phoenix Retreat in May 2016 would complete your prerequisites and you would then be ready to begin your apprenticeship when the doors open in September 2016. Applications should be in by 14 March 2016 and you are free to apply if you are still missing a few courses but plan to complete them before the programme starts.

So dear dancing community, as we head into our time out to rest and resource ourselves at home, we want to thank you for another strong year of evolution within our work. We have to stay strong on our own paths in order to go on meeting you where you are and we are happy to have the time to rest now after having completed our seventh Summer Long Dance. The Long Dance this year raised over £72,000 and that takes the total raised from Long Dances over the £330,000 mark. Well done everybody!

Next summer, we will take a one-year break from offering the Summer Long Dance and will instead be offering an all-night party and prayer fundraiser for the Pachamama Alliance called Earth Dance. We are holding a dream that Movement Medicine communities worldwide will join together to create this prayer and raise as much energy and money as possible for our friends in the Amazon.

Talking of the Amazon, we are delighted to be offering the most intensive journey that the Pachamama Alliance has ever offered in the Ecuadorian Amazon next February called Dancing with the Heart of the World. Applications are now open and there are only 13 places available.

We wish you all a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you on the dance floors of the world when we return in September, refreshed and ready to rock.

Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan.

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