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Issue: January Newsletter
Movement Medicine Webinars

By Hanna
Apart from being daunting for me sometimes, and challenging to keep up with at other times, apart from it still feeling slightly alien to me, today's technology can be amazing, helpful and a great tool for connection. It is through that kind of technology that the webinars appeared on the Movement Medicine curriculum, making it possible to dance in MM community wherever you are (if there is internet), with friends or on your own.

What is a webinar?

It is a 1,5 hours Movement Medicine dance practice, which the participant accesses via internet, led by Susannah, Ya'Acov and since this year also other MM teachers. Around the world various dancers will 'plug in' and join the session, which makes it real fun, knowing that we are dancing across the globe at the same time, each in our living rooms, gardens, halls... It can also be accessed at your own time, since the website offers a vast data base of previous webinars to explore once you signed up, for even more dance, inspiration and expression.

Especially if you're not living close to 'real' classes or teachers, I have found the webinars such a great way to stay connected to the spirit of MM, to the community, and to the making-me-feel-good emotion of being OK, being seen and being loved the way I am; that safety which MM brings for me.

When returning from a workshop or MM journey so much might have shifted, cleared off, emerged, or gently started growing inside, and sometimes the transition into every day life is a major challenge, especially when I want to take with what I have just found, danced, learned and embodied inside myself, or in my relationship with my body, my heart, or with the Divine. So quickly the shared MM dance space can be drowned in every day tasks and routines or known relationship dynamics. In this sense, I have found that webinars are real helpers with the integration of gained embodied MM knowledge into living life.

They are another wonderful tool to bridge times in between MM gatherings, to nurture whatever I am taking with from a workshop, to further explore myself in my own dance, and to stay with the MM community, on our common path of holding and unfolding ourselves endlessly. The journey with myself and my dance does not have to be on hold or stop outside the workshops, and to me often the webinars are beautiful reminders of everything that matters to me and that nurtures me.

Special offer:

For anyone signing up in January 2016, the webinars will be £25.00 for ten webinars. Starting from February, that will give you access to all the live webinars this year, plus all the previous webinars from the website.

Webinars 2016:

2 February, with Ben
1 March, with Christian
12 April, with Ya'Acov
17 May, with Susannah
14 June, with Caroline
5 July, with Jo
6 September, with Ya'Acov
18 October, with Susannah
8 November, with Caroline
13 December, with Ya'Acov and Susannah

For further information on the webinars, check the website or contact Roland.

So, maybe share a dance in cyberspace soon ... :-)

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