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Issue: January Newsletter
New Year New Apprenticeship

By Hanna
A happy new year to the dancers on all these dance floors of living life and its mysteries. Come and dive into the fullness of Movement Medicine, dive into their ceremony, dance, theatre, embodiment, voice, vision quests, excellent guiding, great companions, joy in living, trust in letting go, expansion of being, heart connections, and into a real community of compassion, love, acceptance and support.

Now that the last Apprenticeship has been completed, and the students have been sent 'out there' by their 'MM Parents' (as some refer to Susannah and Ya'Acov) with loving blessing, and with some healthy pride as it sounds like when reading their articles, and before the new group of dancers shows up for the first new format of the MM Apprenticeship, I think it is a good time to honour the students, which have just completed their Apprenticeship.
I honour their commitment, their love for the dance, their work and their play, their courage, I honour their joy of being true, and I honour their 'having said yes'. And it is wonderful to know that there are more and more people and teachers to spread and share the spirit and vision of MM and the dance which is in everyone, in their very own unique way.

Movement Medicine in itself has so much to offer to the world and to us individuals. What I treasure very much, amongst the many gifts it brings, is this real, true and honest sense of community and connection – in the teaching, the work, the gatherings, amongst Movement Medicine 'family', and when reaching out. And even though you don't have to do the Apprenticeship of course to feel and experience this community, speaking with people who have been through the Apprenticeship, and working on the contribution in this January issue on how Apprentices met outside of the MM context, made it clear to me that there is a particularly strong and deep bond amongst the students, when having danced and walked this deep through the wonders and layers of the MM tapestry as well as through the wonders and layers of their own beings. And that there is a distinct growth and wonderful impulse/energy amongst the Apprentices, a vibrant, healing energy as I perceive it.

This year I had the privilege to spend nine days over New Year in nature, close to a beautiful river at Riviersonderend in South Africa, building and living real community ( 

It was this kind of space where like minded and like hearted people meet, in a compassionate, safe, nurturing and inspiring space. Within a few days this camping-village emerged with little lanes and pathways, with various camp sites and neighbours to stop by for connection and chat, with shared meals, with playing, drumming, dancing, sharing and being with each other.

In this community, trade was done through exchange. Instead of Rand (South African currency), I would charge what I am trading with 'Talents' (the exchange currency), one Rand being one Talent. The talents are virtual, apparent in my personal online account, from which other people can debit after I have 'bought' a massage, or a poi lesson, a warm meal, jewellery … or anything someone might offer as their talent/ trade. In turn I will debit my yoga students with the talents I sell my classes for.  An experience of living with and in currency, expressing and creating offerings, experiencing trading in a different way, easily accessible with the gifts and talents I already have, in me.

In a very natural way, my offering and who I am becomes my currency, which then also means, I am always wealthy, any time. By being who I am fully, in this supportive environment, I bring and am my own wealth, through naturally living and extending my potential through my self and my offering.

There were workshops on useful nots, or on how to build a compost heated shower (so simple, wow!), on Permaculture, community building, talks on social and environmental issues, sound journeys, meditations, yoga, … such a colourful variety of inspiration, sharing and learning, mirroring the colourfulness of us human beings and what each of us brings to this world to share.

I like the image and experience of my very own talent and potential and my offering becoming the natural 'currency', which I am in a way, and with which I can enrich this world and myself through diving in its endless abundance, and expanding in it through expression, nurturing, exchange and sharing.

The Apprenticeship Programme

This is a journey to really dive into, get to know, guide and explore our own potential deeply on this path of unfolding the fullness of our talent and offering, emerging from this deep place of being and creating.
Similarly to my community experience: my talent, my potential, my offering here is who I am, is what I bring, and becomes like the spiritual and human 'currency', yet without limits and always available.
How wonderful: having all this wealth inside already …! To be, to express, to trade, to expand, to share, to play with and grow into.
And this is what the work of MM in general and the processes during the AP will support, encourage and assist in surfacing and expanding more and more.

Another key word of MM is the balance between accepting, acknowledging and being where and who you are right now, and the dynamic movement towards expanding more and more into all which you hold inside, like a flower slowly opening.
In finding more of this balance between being who you are and becoming all that you can be, you are supported and accompanied by a strong circle of teachers, and peers. The Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Program is a unique and highly personalized and well developed journey in an environment both supportive and demanding, encouraging and challenging.

The next Apprenticeship begins in September 2016, with a new format, presenting this curriculum as a rolling programme, giving even more room for individuality, as there are a number of electives to chose from, besides certain set core programmes, providing more flexibility around the content and length of the Apprenticeship. Making Movement Medicine your very own, personal resource, unique in every teacher, through electives and through finding that personal 'talent' which every student adds of their own learning and practice to the foundations, maps and offerings of MM.

The prerequisites to apply for the Apprenticeship are three main ones:

  • Journey of Empowerment, or 175 hours of conscious dance practice
  • Phoenix Retreat
  • Initiation

This year for the first time Journey of Empowerment will be taken by Caroline Cary (see her article as well). It is such a profound and simply wonderful journey to establish and build this stable foundation under your feet and within yourself, your dance, your being here, and your life. This safely holding ground where I am OK the way I am, where I am seen and welcomed, from which a healthy connection between body, heart and mind are possible, and from which real self empowerment can arise, and certainly did for me.

Note: The deadline for early bird bookings for the Journey of Empowerment has been extended to 31 January.

Browse the website for further information on the Apprenticeship, feel inspired by this issues contribution about Apprentices' gathering, and just let your heart speak.
Who knows, maybe you will be yet another gift presented to this world in form of a MM teacher or facilitator, to live, spread, share and rejoice in our magnificent human potentials, true embodiment, real community and healing.

Enjoy your dances at the dawn of this year!

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