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Issue: June Newsletter
Knowing That I don't Know, Choosing That I can Trust

By Hanna
Dear moving community! This is the last newsletter before the annual summer break, and we will be back with news and stories to share in September. This seems a 'short and sweet' issue this time, in which you find an update from Susannah and Ya'Acov, a piece on the Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund, and my own sharing around trust. Enjoy!
Is it always a given that I can trust? Being human, I sometimes find myself in a situation where I would like to know an answer to that; even though I have jumped into the absolute unknown many times before, and am still here

Yet, I am presently going through a fairly 'wobbly' phase in my life where parts of my system (body, heart, mind, psyche, …) keep 'nagging' me to please have answers and certainties.

Having followed my choices of personal truth and integrity, I am currently finding myself in a situation where most basics of living life are totally up in the air and very uncertain, such as where I am living, what I can call my home besides my body, the earth and Source, where next I will unpack my bags, what further choices will be necessary, and what work and source of income I will create. Additionally, another important life-basic, my body expresses a phase of now and then 'taking a vacation' in carrying me/'us' reliably from A to B, in form of pains, fatigues, and 'crushing'; occasional 'body-strike'.

An image comes of me holding and looking at a deck of cards in my hands the day before, or the week or month before … and I now smile (with anxiety included) at the sight of my empty hands and the cards flying somewhere in the air, playing with the winds – to be completely reshuffled or to maybe fly off.

Compassionately and whole heartedly I listen to my system voicing the wish to know what's going on, to know where we are going, to know that we can trust – in life, in my choices, in my body, in basics being met and more stability being on its way. Responsibly I try to provide answers to my system, which keeps asking. However, after thorough reflection of the questions asked by my own self, I 'nakedly' and honestly give the feedback of 'I do not know'.

I, my humble me does not know whether my choices are making 'sense' and where it is going. At times I feel that I don't know if I can trust, nor how exactly this trust looks and feels like. Some readers may think: “We can always trust” – in the universe, our guidance, the divine plan etc.; and yes, I do think the same. Yet, I realize in my current personal situation and experience, this 'ironically' doesn't always seem to be 'enough': doubts keep creeping in …

Two 'things' I remember help me in this:
One, if I examine and verify thoroughly that my next steps and immediate choices are informed by and emerging from nowhere but from deep within my hearts spaces and grand wisdom, and if I am really certain of this, I can in fact know that I can trust! Why? I don't really know. I have simply made the experience that my hearts truth seems to be supported by bigger forces than I will be able to grasp or name. If I choose and step in line with my deepest hearts wishes, there does in fact come a non-mind-knowing of 'I can trust'. To me this almost seems like an unwritten 'law'. Something 'more than' my own self is then saying 'yes', while I myself along with my heart am saying a loud 'yes' as well.

Two, and in case a part of my system still communicates doubt, as I experienced lately, I have found once again that I can make a choice to trust! And in doing that, happily I found as well: if I make a conscious choice to trust (again and again), my energy, my vibration and the ripples going outwards from my heart centre immediately change. In my experience there can be a difference in 'somehow and somewhat knowing I can trust' and 'consciously choosing to trust'.

I do really like this 'power of choice', another jewel available to me from my tools- and wisdom basket since journeying with Movement Medicine. It does bring something powerful, and it becomes even more potent, if I bring this power of choice together with the wisdom of my heart – what a significant combination!

And with that combination I get a 'double yes'! – One from the universe (God, Source, the Divine, ...) as it 'secretly' supports my hearts longing and wisdom, and one from my own self through a clear and powerful choice to trust.

So, enjoy your dances, and the one certainty of being carried and fed by Mother Earth!

If you feel inspired to join the Movement Medicine community with the Earth Dance ceremony, thanking for and celebrating life and magic on Earth, please find an Earth Dance happening in or close to your local community, or contact Roland for details of the Earth Dance at Rill.

With Love,


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