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Celebrating and Dancing Life on Earth
By Hanna
In this issue I am finding much about celebration, how wonderful! Celebration of earth, life and dance, celebration of love – in loss and in relationship, celebration of connection and sharing. And my contribution briefly touches on the celebration of earth, life, movement and connection. Whether we consider ourselves dancers or not, I believe we humans are dancers at heart and in our cells, it may just appear in different ways for different people. more>
Celebrating 30 Years
By Susannah
In one month it will be 30 years ago Ya’Acov and I first saw each other in a garden in Hackney, London. It was not love at first sight, but rather recognition. We both felt sure we had met before. It turns out that the only time we might have done so was as four year olds, when we briefly lived in the same part of England and my parents and Ya’Acov’s great grandmother occasionally took us to the same restaurant. The hug we had at the end of that evening of our first meeting was, for me, like two jigsaw pieces fitting together. Since our courtship over the summer of 1986, we have been together. more>
Becoming 52!
By Ya'Acov
Dear Movement Medicine community, writing my monthly missive to you all as I am on my way to Paris to teach a new workshop called 'Power Stories'.The Great Choreographer, the tongue-in-cheek name we have for the intelligence of life that far outstrips our own limited view, seems to be working overtime. Or, to be a little more accurate, perhaps I'm just noticing much more regularly that the way things happen and the timing of how they happen is apparently rooted in this intelligence. more>
People on the Move, and Moving Stories
By Katrin
When Keef, Wioletta and I envisioned the Moving Stories workshop in Frankfurt, a unique blend of Movement Medicine and creative writing, we were conscious of inviting the personal as well as collective stories of our times. Still, we were quite surprised as later on in the workshop one of the most pressing stories of Germany, Europe and far beyond found their way onto our dance floor. more>
Dreaming of Mum and Celebrating my Dad
By Susannah
This is a picture of my full power father recently at a fairtrade tea event he co-organised. At 82 (next week 83!) he’s carrying on my mother’s work with fairtrade very much in his own way. Those of you who know my relationship with tea (and fairtrade!) will see the family lineage at work. It’s nearly two years now since my mother died. Naturally I’ve been having a deep journey with her death and what that means for me. more>
Out of Ashes – Love and Life in Loss
By Rosie
Don’t run away from grief, o soul Look for the remedy inside the pain. Because the rose came from the thorn and the ruby came from a stone. ~ Rumi I write this to open a space to talk about the dance of grief and to explain a little of why I am teaching a workshop on this subject. To share something of the fertility I have found in the ashes of my loss and to celebrate the love that is made visible through our grief. more>
Upcomming School of Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
Whether in England, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark or in the Czech Republic, the second third of this year offers Movement Medicine worshops in all these countries, offering the possibilities of dance, connnection, rhythm, growth, freedom, joy and so much more ... And, if you can, mark your callender for Earth Dance which is happening in June, the dance of gratitude and praise for life on Earth. more>
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