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Knowing That I don't Know, Choosing That I can Trust
By Hanna
Dear moving community! This is the last newsletter before the annual summer break, and we will be back with news and stories to share in September. This seems a 'short and sweet' issue this time, in which you find an update from Susannah and Ya'Acov, a piece on the Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund, and my own sharing around trust. Enjoy!
Is it always a given that I can trust? Being human, I sometimes find myself in a situation where I would like to know an answer to that; even though I have jumped into the absolute unknown many times before, and am still here more>
Summer 2016
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
Dear All, we are coming to the end of another extraordinary year of teaching and preparing for our last offerings before our summer break.
Last week, we completed our third Professional Training with a very strong group and they have all set off to deepen their offerings in many places around the world. We are glad to thoroughly recommend all those who have trained with us and been given the permission to use Movement Medicine to you, and we hope you will seek them out. more>
The Life of Mind and the Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund
By Margaret Davies and Colin Harrison
I consider myself a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. As well as a human being, I had the human condition first of course. I feel lots of people are suffering emotionally and spiritually. My story just represents the substance and alcohol abuse part of a diseased society. Colin was brought up with a very violent man for a father. He was severely neglected and abused, physically but also emotionally. more>
Upcomming School of Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
Even though the newsletter will have a summer break and only come back in September, there are Movement Medicine workshops on offer for you all the way through to dance, to recuperate, and to add into your summer holidays as a special treat, because you are worth it. Note: there are only a few places left for 'Initiation' in September. more>
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