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Positive Shifts and Wonderful Upcoming Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
Wow, what a rich year this has been for me, in so many ways and on so many levels. Another round circling the sun on this troubled, shifting and amazingly beautiful Earth with all its unbelievable wonder, mystery and life. Another round as part of all of this in its ugliness and its glory. Another round as human being amongst a whole bunch of other humans, learning and growing in this life and co-creation here – the giving and receiving, the being and becoming, and the living of more and more love, respect, connection and truth with myself and others. more>
Susannah and 2017 …
By Susannah
What a year! As we approach the turning time of the solstice, and what has become an annual “rite of passage” in our lives between one year and the next at our “Returning Home” workshop, I’m reflecting on what feels like a year of agony and ecstasy, of hope and of despair. I’m aware of so many levels of this, from the personal out to the macro. more>
In Between Dreams
By Ya'Acov
Winter Solstice is on the near horizon and another new year is preparing to land bringing with it who knows what for us all in this magical mystery tour called life on earth. Does anyone know what’s actually happening? Here we are, poised between heaven and hell, between an old dream that does everyone and everything it touches harm and a new dream in which we might actually awaken and realise our responsibilities and the effect we have on each other and this whole web of life we so depend on. more>
A Personal Invitation from Vancouver
Soon Ya'Acov and Susannah will be teaching in the USA again and also in Canada. This round has Ya'Acov bring the Phoenix Retreat to the US, along with a few other workshops and events. A new workshop, The Return of the Light, will be offered in Vancouver and here is a personal invitation from Canada to partake in a wonderful weekend of dance, healing, connection and embodiment: more>
Honouring and Owning our Pain for the World – Grief and Conflict as Medicine for the Heart and Soul
By Ben Yeger
Joanna Macys spiral of ‘The work that reconnects’ offers us four points of reference: 1. Coming from gratitude, 2. Honouring and owning our pain for the world, 3. Seeing with new eyes, 4. Going forth. Joanna claims (and I agree) that the most vital and complex part of this repeating journey of reconnecting to our essence is the 2nd place on the cycle- honoring and owning our pain for the world. more>
Music Medicine
By Susannah
And my next musical offering Life Grooves is nearly out. Four movement meditations based in drums (Ya’Acov and myself and others) with Stef Vink’s piano and keyboards. I’ve been playing the instrumental versions a lot in my groups, and it’s so wonderful to have music made for the crescendo and de-crescendo and crescendo and de-crescendo that works so well in our work. more>
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