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Issue: December Newsletter
Music Medicine

By Susannah
And my next musical offering Life Grooves is nearly out. Four movement meditations based in drums (Ya’Acov and myself and others) with Stef Vink’s piano and keyboards. I’ve been playing the instrumental versions a lot in my groups, and it’s so wonderful to have music made for the crescendo and de-crescendo and crescendo and de-crescendo that works so well in our work.

I asked on the Music Medicine FB page what meditations people would like, and someone asked for a meditation for starting the day, and one to end it. Thank you! So that’s what we’ve created, a Greeting the Day track plus an Ending the Day track, plus an Awakening the Dancer meditation and a Mesa Practice track. Each track will be available with and without the guiding voice. The album is called: Life Grooves.

Recently I visited Lua Maria (of Long Dance and Wild White Horses fame) and her family in the wilds of La Palma. She, I and her incredible dancing baby grooved to Greeting the Day and Ending the Day on the steep mountainside where they live. In the slanting first light cool early morning we danced Greeting the Day and in the warmth of the early evening sun through the pines of the mountain we danced together Ending the Day. Then I knew they worked. I’m sorry its taking such a long time to get them to you, finishing it off and making sure it is the best it can be is taking longer than we thought. Should be very soon now. Those people who have pre-ordered will get Greeting the Day now, as it is ready, and I didn’t want you to have to wait any longer for at least one track!

Lua’s new album, 'Semilla' will be out soon! Very beautiful! We’ll let you know first on the Music Medicine FB page.

Thank you for all the interest in the “Music for Life” album 4, which features some amazing tracks, including Reuben’s much asked for Hojita Verde. The Music for Life albums are sold 100% in aid of the Pachamama Alliance, which we are proud to support and be part of. Since last year there have been some hopeful movements for the Amazonian tribes who we stand with. More news about this from the Pachamama Alliance website. Do get involved. Adding your support as a regular donor is a powerful way to support and become an active part of this alliance.

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