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Issue: December Newsletter
A Personal Invitation from Vancouver

Soon Ya'Acov and Susannah will be teaching in the USA again and also in Canada. This round has Ya'Acov bring the Phoenix Retreat to the US, along with a few other workshops and events. A new workshop, The Return of the Light, will be offered in Vancouver and here is a personal invitation from Canada to partake in a wonderful weekend of dance, healing, connection and embodiment:

"Ya'Acov and I met on the dance floor in Switzerland in December 2000. His teaching style and personal energy deeply resonated. The intention was set then to bring him to my home town of Vancouver, Canada to offer his work. 17 years have passed and I am so happy to host him here in February. Vancouver is an incredible city between ocean and mountains, a perfect back drop for The Return of the Light."

Bettina Rothe

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