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Collective Creating, Healing and Action, and Weaving of Threads
By Hanna
This newsletter, I want to start with a big Thank You. I only wanted to write a short intro this time, yet your articles have inspired me so much.

But first: Thank you to everyone contributing to the newsletter, including my 'silent helpers' Roland and Lucy. And at this point, I wish to welcome Lucy Latchmore warmly into the Movement Medicine community, who has been helping Roland in the office, and who has contributed an article herself to this newsletter edition. Thank you to all the authors for your words, for your time, for your expression and sharing, and for your trust, whenever you send an article. I feel honoured to receive your gifts and for putting our collective work together. more>
"So what is the Phoenix Retreat and can I do it?"
By Susannah
"Phoenix is the master of Life-Death-Rebirth (or managing change in a creative way). It reveals the blind spots in our view of life that are causing our experience of life.” Ya’Acov Darling-Khan

Our patterns and stories (what in Movement Medicine we call ‘under studies’) have a real habit of confirming themselves. Mine do anyway. One of my stories goes like this:

Story: 'I expect to have to do it alone.' more>
Another Place, Another Culture, Another Story
By Ya'Acov
Dear Movement Medicine Community, I am on my way to Japan. That’s further East than I’ve ever been before and it’s a fulfilment of a childhood dream. It’s another journey into the unknown. Another place. Another culture. Another story. I had the weekend at home with Susannah and friends celebrating my 51st birthday with dance, good food, and ritual. more>
Who is Lucy (on behalf of Roland)?
By Lucy
If you have contacted the School of Movement Medicine office recently, you may have received an email from a hitherto unknown Lucy, responding ‘on behalf of Roland’. ‘Who exactly is this mysterious Lucy?’ you may be wondering. (Or then again, perhaps not. You probably have more important things to wonder about!) more>
Stop Thinking Start Listening
By Jens
Super Ego (article last newsletter), does it interest me? I'm a dancer not a therapist. Well, yes and no. Yes, because I like to think about things, I like to think through all the details, because I hope when I understand, it helps and things are changing. No, because I am a dancer, because I am a computer specialist and thinking the whole day, no because meanwhile every information is for me just a repetition of an old information in a new dress, a big NO because thinking prevents me from listening into my body because my experience is that every change in my mind and my behaviour is initiated and integrated through a change in my movements. more>
The Mothers and the Mystery
By Susannah
I received many responses to my ‘Super ego and the Soul’ article in the last newsletter (April edition) – thank you. All your responses were instructive and useful to me. Many of you loved it and said that you were finding it helpful in your journeys, which I’m very happy to hear. Some of you had questions about it that I’ve found productive in helping me to think and feel through more deeply what I currently understand about this theme. more>
Movement Medicine and Be the Change UK Facilitator Trainings: June and November
By Angie
The Pachamama Alliance has produced new materials for the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium –so that it is up to date, relevant and even more powerful in engaging people with the issues of environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfilment. more>
Tales from Middle Earth: Policemen, shamans and a bandit's mask
By Caroline Carey
I have a story, one of simplicity, one of medicine and one of drama. Some how in my life the three go very well together! One thing is for sure, my gatherings and workshops often come with the fullest of experiences and sometimes excitement and on the rare occasion, dare I say, high drama! This one in particular is quite a beautiful story, it has a wonderful element of that 'middle earth medicine', that I love to bring into my world of the mystery and the magic of the creative soul. more>
By Lies
I made this drawing in 2008, it is called Tree Tears – City Show. I remember myself, as a little eight year old girl, sitting in the classroom, listening to my teacher who explained to us that every day I cannot remember how many football fields of forests were cut down. I remember, I was shocked, inside, my heart was crying and I did feel angry. more>
I Dare to Dream ...
By Eline Kieft
Before me shimmers a shape of a transparent body, so well camouflaged, I can just make it out. It is excellently adapted to its surroundings. The feet blend in with the wooden floor and through the knees I can see the altar at which I’m sitting. Every now and then, a hand of another dancer moves through. The head is hardly visible in the air above. more>
A Woman who Dances With Wolves
By Virginie
Between March 28 and 29, we were so lucky to welcome Silvana Rigobon in Nantes for the second time to share the workshop of women who dance with the wolves (We had the first workshop last June and celebrated the ceremony of the Menarche). This time we gathered to dance and celebrate our inner spring, to learn more about the wisdom of our womb in this inner season of pre-ovulation, and to encourage our creative projects to blossom. more>
By Colin Harrison
I got kicked out of school for tripping my ass off in a French class when I was 13 years old, so I went to work in the back of a chippy peeling spuds. No exams no nothing. I got to know addiction in all its many forms, mainly behavior, compulsive and obsessive. It is a disease primarily of the spirit. It is a complete loss of the soul. Secondly it’s an emotional illness. A complete inability to deal with ‘any’ emotion whatsoever!! Even happiness! It's a disease of the mind. more>
Seje Dina
By Neneh Alexandrovic
Released in 2014, Seje Dina is my latest collection of songs and is available on CD from the Movement Medicine Shop and to download from SoundCloud. I created this collection in collaboration with my partner, Samuel. Susannah has said of the CD: “Ya’Acov and I love this new CD. It’s a heavenly earthly mix, and we can’t stop listening to it. Hope you enjoy it too!” more>
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