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Rising into Wider Circles
By Hanna
Hello, and be welcome to our next mosaic of colours, creativity, expression and sharing. Welcome to our June Movement Medicine newsletter. Sometimes, a mosaic looks different depending what angle I look at it from. I don't know your angle, and you will probably see different 'things', images and colours. To me, the following appeared when reading the articles and starting my work of putting-it-together: more>
Forthcoming School of Movement Medicine Workshops

In the next few months, we have a number of diverse and powerful workshops coming up led by Susannah, Ya’Acov and Faculty. Whether you’re interested in integrating movement and voice, exploring your sexual energies, plunging into the so-called ‘washing machine’ retreat, or working in a women-only group, there may be something here to suit your needs and interests. more>
A Fork in the Road – From Medical School to the School of Movement Medicine
By Susannah
1982 was a pivotal year for me. It was the year I went to Medical School in Leeds. I hadn’t really wanted to be a doctor, but because I was good at science and had a feeling that some kind of holistic healing would be central to my life path, it had seemed a sensible route to pursue. The line often repeated was: “Become a doctor first and then, whatever you do, you’ll have more clout.” more>
An Invitation to be Initiated
By Ya'Acov
The Phoenix is at the centre of our work. It represents the Life-Death-Rebirth cycle and it sits strongly calling us all to rise from the ashes of our suffering and dance as deep as we dare. Conception, birth, childhood, puberty and adolescence, adulthood, maturity and death are present in all our creative projects, especially the big one called life. more>
Rumi and Hafiz through Song and Music
By Annabel
Some of you who’ve come to the Rill Estate in Devon will know me – I’ve had the wonderful experience of offering massage on Susannah and Ya’Acov’s courses there for the past eight years or so. more>
The Daily Practice
By Veena Vasista
At the end of April 2013, about to turn forty-three, I took a train from London to the Rill Estate in Devon. My destination was a Movement Medicine workshop called Re-Creation. I had signed up for Re-Creation out of desperation. At the time, I was experiencing an episode of acute anxiety and depression. more>
Child Soul Dream
By Anusia
Dear Community, Roland gently invited me to share my experience about my first benefit event to raise money for Manari and Belen's travel to the long dance and for the Pachamama Alliance (50/50). The event was an amazing kick-off event and raised 705.- Swiss francs, with more money still coming in, which feels like the warm sweet echo of the energy we created. more>
Fund-raising for the Summer Long Dance
By The Community
In this article you find a couple of fund-raising events for the Summer Long Dance, as invitation to participate and make your own personal offering to our brave dancers, to our Earth and people, and to the spirit and intention of this ceremony. more>
Cause for Hope and Reasons for Action in the Amazon
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
Recently, we were talking about our recent journey to the Ecuadorian Amazon, and we were asked to explain WHY there is a reason to hope that action now may actually make a real difference and why does it matter so much for the rest of the world? Here’s our answer: First, why it does it matter? more>
Gründe Warum es Grund zur Hoffnung und Handlung im Amazonas Gibt
By Susannah und Ya'acov
Kürzlich haben wir über die Reise in den Amazonas von Ecuador gesprochen und wir wurden in diesem Kontext gefragt, WARUM es Grund zur Hoffnung gibt, dass unser Engagement jetzt wirklich zu einem Wandel beitragen kann, einen entscheidenden Unterschied machen kann und warum dies so wichtig ist für den Rest der Welt. Hier ist unsere Antwort: Zuerst: Warum macht es einen Unterschied? more>
The Dance Between Teacher and Student
By Giulia Criscuolo
I have always been curious about the dance between teacher and student ... I often place teachers on a pedestal, far out of reach from me, so that I am at a loss for words when I am with them, not wanting to ask them mundane questions that they get asked time and time again. more>
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