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Breathing In and Out Ė and other cycles
By Hanna
Hello and welcome to the last newsletter before Susannah and Ya'Acov are taking their annual summer break. We will release the next one in September. On leaving for their pause of work, mails and teaching, they are sharing and launching a new Apprenticeship programme outline in this newsletter, starting from 2016. more>
Launching our new rolling Apprenticeship Programme
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
Dear Dancing Community

As we prepare for our summer break and a few weeks offline, taking a deep in-breath before we begin our 29th year of teaching, we are delighted and excited to present to you our new rolling Apprenticeship Programme, starting in September 2016. Drum roll please...! more>

The Source and the Container
By Sarah
Iím walking along the street when a young man swerves toward me, chest forward, arms outstretched. He is close, close enough to feel. The physical responses of a body meeting another are absent within me Ė my cheeks donít raise to smile, there is no opening and relaxing of the shoulders, my limbs arenít arranging themselves in preparation for a hug and kiss hello. This is because I donít know this man, and because of that my body is instead instinctively moving toward a posture that I am all too familiar with. more>
Forthcoming School of Movement Medicine Workshops

Before the summer break there is one last chance in July to dance with Susannah through your living room or other venue, on your own or with friends. After that the dancing adventures start again in September, and immediately introduce new Movement Medicine journeys, such as Sanctuary and Power Stories. more>
Sweat Lodge and the State of Being
By Tamara
The other day, as I was lying on my couch focusing on the breath and relaxation of my body, eyes bathing in the greenness of the tree in front of my apartment window, I relived a memory from not so long ago Ė a memory of being in the sweat lodge during the Phoenix Retreat a year ago. more>
Forgiveness: Dancing With the Heart
By A Storyteller
My story has recently been published in a beautiful and inspiring book Ė The Forgiveness Project: Stories for a Vengeful Age by Marina Cantacuzino, which examines themes of forgiveness, reconciliation and conflict transformation. I donít use my own name for reasons I explain in the piece, but you might recognise my dancing feet. more>
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