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Dancing Between Personal and Global
By Hanna
Dear reading dancers, I welcome you back to this newsletter after the break while we are witnessing summer or winter on our planet, transitioning into the next season. Once again I wish to start off with a 'Thank You' – for this community, and for all contributions to this newsletter. It is wonderful to share, I find. So please keep communicating (also any feedback) and keep telling of your stories, as you may. Your words, thoughts, experiences and expressions are welcome. more>
The Shadow and Light Marriage: Coming into Harvest
By Susannah
I’m feeling so grateful and blessed. I’ve been blessed with many wonderful teachers, colleagues, friends and family. My work has meaning for me, which is growing year by year, and more and more of what I love and care about is becoming woven into it. Most central of all, the love between Ya’Acov and I keeps growing deeper. I’m 52. We’ve been together 29 years and are coming up to our 26th wedding anniversary. We’ve been teaching movement for 26 years too: 18 years of teaching 5Rhythms and 8 years with Movement Medicine. more>
The Space Between Us
By Ya'Acov
Announcing a new two-module ongoing group for couples beginning August 2016. Our relationship has provided the most challenging, fulfilling and profound path I have ever walked along. It’s the place in my life where I grow the most. It’s the place where Susannah and I nourish and strengthen one another so that we are able to give what we have to give through our work. And it’s the place where I have been stretched way beyond what I ever thought would be possible. more>
“Roland, we need eight umbrellas!”
By Roland
An hour or so before I received this unusual request, I myself had been sending up my own frantic pleas to the universe for a miraculous delivery of 150 umbrellas.

It was Day 1 of the Long Dance ceremony – the day of the silent procession from EarthSpirit to the Long Dance site. I was standing on top of Lollover Hill. Spread out before me was the patchwork of the Somerset Levels, with the Bristol Channel a bluish-grey streak across the horizon. I felt a rumble of disquiet. Ominous rain clouds were racing towards me, and as I watched, the distant streak of blue began to bleed as if God had spilled water across the scene. more>
Forthcoming School of Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
Alongside the wonderful sharings in this newsletter about active and alive spirituality, reaching beyond borders and boundaries in many ways, personally and globally… here you will find the same wonderful invitations to engage in your being, in your dance and expression, to embody your life joy, meet yourself in your dreams, with your death, and take on the permission of being-yourself-fully. more>
Creativity and Connection in the Amazon – A call for support to bring a dream into reality
By Sinéad Cullen
Within the Movement Medicine Community, we have talked a lot about the Pachamama Alliance and their work with the indigenous people of Ecuador. Like some others in the community, I have taken one of the journeys with Ya’Acov, Susannah and David Tucker (The Pachamama Alliance) to experience first hand what it is like to spend time with the Sápara and the Achuar peoples. more>
In the Time of the Black Jaguar
By Susannah
When we heard radical ex-priest Matthew Fox speak last night, he told us that, according to ancient indigenous prophecies, it’s the time of the black jaguar – a time of deep chaos in which humans are called to re-align our sense of who we think we are. It’s not easy. The old ways are dying but the new ways have not yet appeared. We need support and wisdom. Without that it’s easy to feel the need to pretend it's not happening or that it doesn’t concern me, or to cover over the confusion and pain with distractions. more>
All that We Bring is Welcome
By Robert Andrew
Last night I did not have a 'good' time. In fact it was extremely uncomfortable. I had one of my (today less frequent), 'episodes' in which I imagine everyone is rejecting me, act evasive and withdrawn, and so create the very situation that I fear. This snowballs and with movement the feelings become more and more intense. more>
I have a Vision
By Susannah
I have a vision. Do you want to experiment in a co-creation? I watched Brené Brown talking about vulnerability last night and, to quote her, “I’ve decided to get vulnerable and get naked” and stop waiting. As I keep saying, I feel the time is now. The time to act, to risk, and to enjoy the adventure of being alive now and being the creativity and love I am. Without needing any guarantee that it will work or be successful. So here goes. more>
An Indigenous Journey
By Steve Torneten
Prior to the journey, I was a man who looked confident, strong and seemingly had it all together, and of course this was what I wanted you to see. I had been a marine helicopter pilot for eight years and an Ironman triathlete; I had climbed mountains, trekked around Africa and was a very successful businessman. This was how I identified myself; it brought me a lot of attention and what I thought was respect. more>
Dancing with Conflict
By Ben Yeger
“I work with conflict”. That’s my response to the question: “So, what do you do?” Often there’s a kind of pause, a tilt of the head, and then from the brave-hearted comes the next question: “Really? How do you do that?” From there, this answer flows: "Well, I believe that to really work with external conflict, we need to first of all work with our own, inner relationship to conflict. To really face up to the reality that conflict exists in us, and that it exists as an intrinsic part of being human.” more>
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