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New Year – New Apprenticeship
By Hanna
A happy new year to the dancers on all these dance floors of living life and its mysteries. Come and dive into the fullness of Movement Medicine, dive into their ceremony, dance, theatre, embodiment, voice, vision quests, excellent guiding, great companions, joy in living, trust in letting go, expansion of being, heart connections, and into a real community of compassion, love, acceptance and support. more>
Happy New Year
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
Dear All, we are loving coming back into work mode after a beautiful and intense family and friends time over the holiday season. Life simply keeps deepening and we are amazed and grateful for how our relationships with our families keep evolving. Part of this is the beauty of witnessing, supporting and being in dialogue with the younger generation as they grow into who they are becoming. Wow. There is hope for the world! more>
Journey of Empowerment
By Caroline
Is love the route to empowerment? Have you considered yourself to be important enough to have the deepest most loving relationship possible? And if so who is the lucky co-dancer? I expect if you are reading this newsletter, you have considered how much dance you are going to be able to fit into your already busy year of 2016? But have you considered how much loving you are going to do? more>
The Bigger Picture – THANK YOU!
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
As those of you who know us well will know, part of the roots of this practice is our willingness to engage with the bigger picture of life to which we all belong. We recognise that there are so many issues that demand our attention from the suffering of refugees to the troubles in the Amazon. We also recognise how overwhelming the world can be, especially with the tendency the mass media has to concentrate on bad news. more>
Movement Medicine Webinars
By Hanna
Apart from being daunting for me sometimes, and challenging to keep up with at other times, apart from it still feeling slightly alien to me, today's technology can be amazing, helpful and a great tool for connection. It is through that kind of technology that the webinars appeared on the Movement Medicine curriculum, making it possible to dance in MM community wherever you are (if there is internet), with friends or on your own. more>
A Journey Into the Unknown – A Self-Devised Apprentices' Gathering
By Various
In September 2015 eight Movement Medicine Apprentices gathered on their own impulse to spend time together, to learn, exchange and dance together, without teachers or guides, apart from themselves. Here are three accounts, sharing of experiences of this joint venture. more>
Dare to Dream, Dare to Dreamcatch
By Silvana
Sunny weather and clear sky: the perfect day for Urban Action in a public park, to celebrate “heart, ART and Mother Earth” with the local community, and to share what we have learnt, dancing together for a full moon cycle. Dress code: red. more>
Forthcoming School of Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
What a great way to end one year and cycle and to transition into and start a new year: dancing! Let yourself feel inspired by these wonderful offerings of workshop spaces to connect, to explore, to let go, expand, embody, dream, to just be, and to simply arrive in the space to be welcomed as you are – possibly by yourself, and certainly by the dancers you are with. more>
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