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Fear, Earth, Moths and Deep Journeys
by Ailsa
Dear Dancers, It is with some surprise that I find myself sitting down to write this to you this morning! To be honest, the idea brings up a little fear: More open creativity and more exposure than Im used to in this particular aspect of my work in the world of Movement Medicine; the part which happens in the School of Movement Medicine office. So Im glad again for the medicine of earth that helps me ground that fear and get on and write. more>
Another Year to Live, Love and Learn on Planet Earth
by YaAcov
Im on the road again for the first time this year after spending six weeks working from home. And what a six weeks it has been. My year began with family and friends over New Year. Then our son left on his second vision quest journey and we plunged feet first into our 28th year of teaching. more>
Landing in Rhythm, Rising into Song.
by Susannah
We have just begun teaching our third Professional Training in Movement Medicine. We are working with a wonderful group of talented and creative people, who recently completed the Apprenticeship Programme with us. On this training we felt how our own understanding of what and why we do what we do in Movement Medicine has emerged into another level of clarity. There are two things which Id like to share with you now regarding this. more>
The Energy Behind Creativity
By Caroline Carey
My own journey with creativity began at a very young age. My mother was an artist. She won a scholarship to go to Art College. But her father said she had to get a proper job so she became a secretary, had children and settled into being a house-wife and mother.... but her creativity could not help but spill out into the home, into our lives and into everything she did, from gardening to running a tea room, to her own occasional opportunities at painting classes, her creativity came out in the way she decorated the dinner table and wrote beautiful letters to her friends. She was a very creative being AND she loved to dance! more>
Opening a space for learning
By Hannah Mackay
I have recently completed the process of becoming a Registered Teacher of shiatsu. My Movement Medicine experience has been very important to my understanding of what it is to teach a healing practice. Here is an invocation to my students, which reflects what I have received in Movement Medicine space. more>
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