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Issue: February 2016 Newsletter
Opening a space for learning

By Hannah Mackay
I have recently completed the process of becoming a Registered Teacher of shiatsu. My Movement Medicine experience has been very important to my understanding of what it is to teach a healing practice. Here is an invocation to my students, which reflects what I have received in Movement Medicine space.

 You are welcome here. We paint on a broad canvas, we sing in all our voices, we open.

 You are welcome here, to be present, to bring as much of yourself as you can, or wish to bring.

 You are welcome in your complexities, paradoxes, and your myriad ways, and in your simplicity.

 Let your innocence hold hands with your experience, and let your strengths and vulnerabilities play together, like the patterns of light and shade on the forest floor.

 Bring in your wisdom, the understanding, feelings and ways of being you have been cultivating and honing for many years.

 Bring in your unknown potential, the gifts that have yet to manifest, the blossoms that are waiting to unfold.

 Bring in the unsung songs of your ancestors, the energy flowing through time from the past to the future through this present moment.

 Bring in the place you hold in the circle, your relationship to our collective stories, your unique perspective, and the way you stand as a representative of your people, of many groups and of humanity.

 Bring in your vulnerability, and your courage to step forwards, to dare greatly, to risk and open and create something new.

 Bring in that which aches for healing, the untransformed pain, heartache, stuckness, the unresolved patterns set up to protect you in hard times.

 Bring in your body, just the way it is today, in all its beauty, frailty and limitations, with its possibility for holding new knowledge and past history in connection with the world real around you.

 You are welcome here. You are welcome in your known and unknown aspects, in the part of you that faces the world and in your mysterious nature, those parts of you that are veiled, occluded, and maybe unseen even by your self.

 You are welcome here, in service of your learning; in service of healing; in service of the interplay of acceptance and becoming; in service of what is needed in the world today.


Hannah Mackay

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