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Being in Love With Life
By Hanna
As well as inviting you all to browse through the articles of this Movement Medicine newsletter, I am also going to share a recent experience that revealed so much more to me of what being in love really feels like, in this occurrence, being in love with nature, creation and beyond. And I feel it is in this medicine community that I can safely share such words, which I appreciate greatly. more>
The Spinning Lady – Or the Amazon and Me
By Susannah
In a village called Tinkias, deep in the Amazon Rainforest, there lives a very, very old, tiny, wrinkled, shiny eyed grandmother. She is a mistress of the ancient art of spinning cotton, and the only one in her village who still knows how to do it. This is how, in the past, the women would create the thread that they would later weave into cloth for their families. more>
Spring Forward
By Ya'Acov
It’s 5am and I’ve woken early. I’m travelling home later today after an epic 5-week journey that began in Verona, Italy, took me through the Ecuadorian Amazon and continued with a 5-venue tour bringing Movement Medicine to the USA for the first time. It’s hard to know where to begin. more>
Soul Motion
By Arjuna
Hello Dancers, I am thrilled to be visiting and bringing the conscious dance practice, Soul Motion® with me. I am so looking forward to dancing with and meeting you on the floor. I hope you can take time to have a look and join me in this space of aliveness, connection, and divine play, and I look forward to shape shifting as space with you all. more>
‘Project Imaginal’
By Chris Salisbury
2016 is another leap year, and other than the ‘gift’ of an ‘extra’ 24 hours, which we can choose to reserve for some special activity, it can also serve to remind us about alignment. The idea of a leap year was to make an adjustment to the Gregorian calendar to synch with the solar cycle. In fact, every 100 and 400 years there needs to be 2 more interventions to bring the calendar back into solar alignment. more>
Love Letter from the Amazon
By Deepa Shetty
Amazon. As a child, this word conjured up images of endless miles of pristine rainforest, that called to me in a way that I could not explain … and it has been calling me ever since! As a sensitive teenager in the 80s, at the height of destruction awareness, much time was spent dreaming of my part in rebuilding people’s connection with nature and in halting this madness. more>
Movement Medicine Shop – New Releases
By Susannah
Dear dancers, there is some great new music to discover in the Movement Medicine online shop, which offers a wide range of products, from various CD's and music artists, to books, DVD's, water bottles and liquid smudge. It can support you in your home practice through some fine music on offer as well as numerous guided movement meditations. more>
Upcomming School of Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
A few weeks ago, when sitting in a circle with dancers after two hours of shared dance, movement and expression, we were asked for the reasons that had brought us here tonight. “I love hanging out in my body!” said a clear, quirky voice inside me. more>
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